Lovely Living with Loaf

Loaf? You mean the expression “Use your loaf?” Well it could be! Loaf is an online company that sells beds and sofas. “Online”??? Yes, it seems counter-intuitive to be considering buying a sofa or a bed without having seen it in the flesh, as it were. The dangers would seem to be the following:
• That the colours in the photos online may have been tinted and played with online to make them seem more vibrant.
• That you cannot feel or test the bed or sofa. What if it’s poor quality and sags?
• What if the texture of the fabric is shoddy and thin?
All these are genuine concerns and would be relevant to a fly-by-night company that wants to shift a large quantity of inferior goods as quickly as possible and then cover their tracks.
Loaf isn’t like that. Charlie Marshall has seen to that. The creator of Loaf decided to start his own business selling beds and sofas and more online after a disastrous Saturday trying to buy a bed. He lost a whole day. He decided to change things and make the whole process as quick and easy as possible. Two years later, nearly 200 mattress factories and some seriously comfy beds later, Loaf was born in December 2008. It seemed that it was not only Charlie who disliked the shopping-for-a-bed experience. A lot of other people loved the vibe, and consequently Loaf has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK.
When they started out the company was called “The Sleep Room”. But The Sleep Room was no longer appropriate when they added selling kitchen tables and sofas, so a new name was needed and in 2012 The Sleep Room became Loaf.
All Loaf beds are tested. They are guaranteed comfortable. They are cheaper than the High Street; because they have no expensive High Street shops to set up, run and pay rates on.
There’s more good news. If you live in or around London, delivery is free. Even beyond the M25 Loaf ask for a contribution to the delivery costs. You are not hit by excessive delivery costs. The delivery men won’t just come and dump a bed on your doorstep and speed away. They will unpack it, assemble it, check it and take away the packing. For a small fee they will even take away your old sofa or bed for recycling.
You have fourteen days to check out the bed or sofa (or other item) and if you want it taken back, Loaf will collect it and give you all your money back (including any delivery costs) provided it is in pristine condition and with the protective mattress cover unopened.
Such has been the success of Loaf that they do have a showroom if you want to go and see their beds, sofas and other products. It’s in Notting Hill, London. You can also order the catalogue online.
So, here we have a supplier of beds, sofas, tables and a host of other furniture that is, cheap, good quality, delivered and unpacked and assembled for you, and that doesn’t ruin a Saturday bed-hunting!