Gold is Chic and Modern: Brass Fixtures to Upgrade your Kitchen

The biggest Hollywood celebrities have gold plated bathroom accessories. These don’t come cheap and if you do decide to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom with real gold plated equipment it don’t come cheap. Also there’s a sort of instant knee-jerk backlash against the opulence of gold fittings. But there’s a better way to go. Brass. It’s darker than gold but that more burnished look is something more and more people are getting to appreciate.
Stainless steel surfaces taps and fittings may well be great for the ultra-contemporary mega-clean antiseptic clinical look. But many people have realised that while silver-clean-machine kitchens are great to walk in and walk out of, if you are going to spend time cooking in them, they ain’t got no soul!
There is an alternative if you got bored of the same-old, same-old stainless steel faucets and fixtures, go for gold-toned fixtures and faucets with custom brass finish. They really stand out and create an interesting contrast without being too extravagant. It may look like dark gold, but it is not real gold. You are not flaunting your money (and some would say lack of taste) you are giving a nod to times gone by when brass fittings were the mainstay of kitchens and other areas of the home where plumbing was involved.
When looking at home furnishings and décor, especially if thinking of buying or renting a property and moving in, we are usually quick to notice outdated fixtures, faucets and hardware. Perhaps when you moved into your first home, those 80’s brass relics; blasts from the pasts, were the first things to go. But be a little cautious in your approach- don’t make up your mind too quickly about brass. There are already signs that the brass fixture (new or reconditioned) has become a classic and has been reinvented for a modern and sophisticated look with a nod back to the past! These fixtures are sleek and glam, and would be a brilliant accent for your bathroom or kitchen if you plan and integrate them in a subtle retro/contemporary look style.
So is this a big movement for 2014-2015? Is stainless steel going out and brass coming back? One has to recognise that all design trends come and go. Like fashion, when a new look is cutting edge and draw-dropping, the next season it may well be viewed as tired and stale. Once a kitchen design or metal/substance is widely used, edgy people want something different, while the rest of the pack will soon tire of seeing the same thing in each other’s homes. Stainless steel is so standard now in Western homes, and I believe that it will soon to be replaced by brass. Brass accents add sophisticated warmth and retro chic to a kitchen so consider brass for your next kitchen remodel.
While the gold or brass tones might not jump out at you as really obvious in your kitchen, you can conjure it up in small doses and mixed in with other metals. Why not get some brass knobs and draw handles for your kitchen cabinets? These can look quite striking.