The meaning of basal implants

Basal implants are different from normal dental implants. They are done utilizing the basal-cortical portion that is present in the jaw bones. This is done in order to preserve the dental implants. The implants that are used here are designed specifically so that they can be accommodated in the bones areas of the basal-cortical region. The quality of the cortical bones is exceptionally good in the basal bone which helps in retaining the highly advanced implants that are placed through the procedure. Cortical implantology is another term that is used for basal implants in chennai. Normally teeth are situated in the alveolar bones that are less dense naturally. This is also known as the crestal bone. Once the tooth is lost these bones recede and get resorbed over time. The implants those are associated with the augmentation of the bone or grafting procedures the treatment cycle may vary anytime from 6 months to a year in total. Proper care should be taken if one wishes to avoid any secondary surgeries in case of the exposure of implants. This is a frequent condition that occurs whenever there is an abutment over an implant. The process is painless now with the use of a number of products that helps in numbing the areas.